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News Release

"B.C. company first to provide local U.S. real estate market support to Canadians. Aperture Investment Group opens Vancouver office with full suite of services."

- Marketwire READ MORE.

"Real estate: It's time to buy again"

"Forget stocks. Don't bet on gold. After four years of plunging home prices, the most attractive asset class in America is housing"

- Shawn Tully, Senior Editor-At-Large, cnnmoney.com READ MORE.

"'Perfect storm' for buying U.S. real estate"

"Staggeringly low prices for U.S. real estate, combined with a loonie at parity or higher, is creating an unprecedented opportunity."

- M.B. Hutchinson,
Financial Post

"Real estate set for slowdown: TD"
"Economists at TD Bank say Canada's real estate market is set for a pullback, led by the country's two hottest markets, Toronto and Vancouver. A new report from TD predicts resale activity will fall by 15.2 percent."

- BNN.ca staff,
Business News Network

"Canadians biggest foreign buyers of U.S. real estate"
"Canadians bought $9.4-billion of U.S. real estate in the last year. Canadians were the largest foreign buyers of U.S. real estate in the 12 months ending March 31, accounting for 23 per cent of all sales to foreigners."

- Steve Ladurantaye
The Globe and Mail

"One in five Canadians eyeing U.S. housing market"
"Canadians are interested in the very areas where the U.S. housing depression has hit the hardest. Among the cities in the sunbelt, prices in Tampa have dropped 44%, Phoenix 54%, Las Vegas 67% and Miami 49%."

- Financial Post READ MORE.